Which Gucci belt color matches best with LV mono?

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  1. I am a ‘matchy match’ gal. I recently purchased a Speedy 25B in mono. I am interested in purchasing a designer belt. After doing some research in fashion trends/index (Lyst has a fashion index that ranks top brands), I found the Gucci double GG belt is still in vogue. I think the buckle is a bit much but I did see other Gucci buckle options.

    The question is which belt color would go best with LV mono print? I was leaning towards brown/honey but I would likely get more mileage out of black.

    Please share your input/experiences/pics! Much obliged.
  2. Are you a "switch bags every other day" kind of gal, or do you tend to stick with one for longer periods of time? :smile: My thought was that even if black is what you would normally opt for, maybe you would in fact get more use out of a honey or a brown belt if you plan on carrying your new bag with you everywhere. :smile:
  3. I am a ‘switch your bag to match that outfit’ type of gal. I don’t often carry my LV handbags (based on environment), but when I do use my LV I like to make sure I’m coordinated creatively. I have not see sample pics of someone carry LV mono with brown Gucci belt.
  4. Imo the GG buckle will never go out of style and they have a variety of (4)sizes and colors. If you plan on having only one belt then go black. It's the safest color and you don't need to feel anxious if it would match your clothes/bags or not. And yes, I think it fits with mono. :amuse:
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  5. I have a brown one and it matches perfectly with LV monogram and Damier been. Will try and take a pic for you.
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