Which Gucci bags are classics?

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  1. I'm all new to Gucci and I'd like to buy my first bag. I'd like to have only one, that's why I want it to last "forever".
    I'm most interested in flap bags. Which one do you feel is or could be classic?
    Thank you for all your suggestions.
  2. While Gucci certainly has more than one classic design, I really like the Dionysus at the moment and would love to have one myself in the future.
    I am waiting for the perfect size/color and to me, many of the Dionysus bags are definitely classic. Except for the ones with lots of embroidery going on, or a metallic color - these are more trendy IMO.
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  3. I am thinking of Dionysus or Jackie soft.
  4. My vote would be for the Dionysus for sure.
    Much more interesting and special than the Jackie soft IMO :smile:.
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    I love flap bags with interesting closures. Since Gucci is known for using bamboo in lot of their designs, I think that the bamboo bag is the iconic bag. IMO, this bamboo bag design has been around for decades and will continue to be offered in the future.


    Here's one that incorporates bamboo with the Dionysus. Very beautiful.
  6. Omg, love all this eye candy, thank you for sharing! I love love love that exotic Dionysus with bamboo handle :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:! But I am not sure if I want to know the price of that one, lol.
    I agree that the bamboo top handle is also a classic.
    I have one in ostrich and I can definitely see myself wearing that one forever. I still would love a Dionysus though.
    Here's my ostrich BTH, the color is quite easy to wear.

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  7. ^ That is so pretty!
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  8. My list would be any Gucci keep reissuing (see below) plus the Dionysus which has proved so popular, any Boston because the shape is classic and any bag with horse-bit hardware. I'd say the hardware or trim is often unmistakably Gucci whichever bag you choose. Have a look at our Gucci Club house too.

    Bamboo Top-handle
    Gucci Kelly/Lady Lock/ Padlock
  9. Thank you for all your help.
    I'll probably go for Dionysus cause I don't like a top handle on a flap bag (well, I do like it but it's usually in my way).
  10. I think of the Jackie. or any bags with bamboo handles. :P
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