Which Gucci bag would you buy?


Which Gucci bag would you buy?

  1. Medium Crystal GG Joy Tote

  2. Medium Britt Tote with Silver Britt Charm

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  1. Hi Alee18,

    I know this a long shot & it's been over a year but I'm interested in purchasing the Gucci Crystal tote you got. I was wondering if you remember what website/store you got it at? I see a lot of websites that are selling it but I'm so skeptical of the quality. I like the pictures you posted of your bag & would love to get it from there, of it's still available. If you can help with any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sincerely Ayako
  2. Hey you may want to try the Gucci outlets speak to a S.A. the they carry the crystal bags and they do deliver for like $10.