Which Gucci bag would you buy?


Which Gucci bag would you buy?

  1. Medium Crystal GG Joy Tote

  2. Medium Britt Tote with Silver Britt Charm

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I need some honest opinions and suggestions here...
    Im looking to buy fairly inexpensive bag for my girlfriend for the one year anniversary. So I don't want to ask her, which bag she wants, because I want to make this a little surprise. She is a college student, 21 years old about 5'5" mostly will be using this bag for college.

    Im thinking Joy Medium GG Crystal Tote or the Medium Britt Tote with Silver Britt Charm?

    Crystal tote is about $40 cheaper, but a bit smaller 13.5" W x 10.5" H x 6.5" D VS Britt 14" W x 12.5" H x 4.75" D With 7.5 I think a bit bigger is better for school.

    I notice that on the Crystal bag the straps are going down the outside wraping the whole bag, is that an outdated style or better than Britts' set up?

    I persnonaly don't dig the whole crystal look, but this is not for me so I wanted to see what the ladies think, which is a newer style etc..?

    Please vote and tell me why is one better style than another, thanks for all the input in advance.
    $309_Medium_Joy_tote_in_Crystal_GG.jpg $349_Medium_Brown_Jacquard_Britt_Tote.jpg
  2. I personally like the Crystal Tote better. I own a Gucci Crystal Hobo and I love it. It's low maintenance and lightweight. I don't care for the darker brown on the Britt Tote and I prefer the tote being longer horiziontally rather than longer vertically. It really all depends on what you think your GF will like better. I'm sure either way, she'll love and appreciate receiving a Gucci bag.
  3. i like the darker one better b/c it is bigger and very versatile. but i dont like that shiny fabric. maybe if they had that bag in denim
  4. I purchased the large crystal tote for school. Honestly I think the bag is really cheap feeling and really floppy. I'd probably go with the britt tote.
  5. I dont care for the shiny fabric either.
  6. I would get the britt tote because it bigger also looks like it will support more books then the crystal tote..good luck!
  7. Thanks for all the comments so far, please keep it comming.

    I spoke with a couple of outlet gucci reps. today and they all say that the Crystal tote is more popular, that they can't keep them in stock. I guess the size difference between the two is not that dramatic, because the Crystal tote has a bigger drop and can still fit the folders and her 14" inch laptop.

    Some good pointers I got from the reps. and my gf' close friend: is that the Britt tote might be a little too large looking on my gf because she is boutique, about 5'5" 95lbs.

    Does anyone else have a Crystal tote that believe the quality of this bag is less than expected from gucci?
  8. I'm not a fan of the crystal fabric either; I would definitely vote for the Britt because the styling & color is classic.
  9. i like both. but i vote for the britt as its more appropriate for college.
  10. I voted for the Britt, I like it's fairly quiet goo looks but I do like how the leather straps wrap right around the Crystal Joy which makes it stronger for carrying books and heavy stuff.
  11. It all depands. If you need a handbags to carry many things, you can consider the large or medium size gucci designer handbags like the shoulder handbags. However, if you only want to the Gucci handbags to show you fashion taste and your personal characther, the cheap purses with elaborately design are your best choice!:smile:
  12. How about for everyday use? which one is more attractive design? Because now that I look at them I believe they are both suitable for college. Thanks
  13. I got myself a Crystal Tote and Ilove it and really recomend it..
  14. I do not like shiny stuff like bags. I like Britt is best/
  15. I would like to thank every one who participated in this poll. Based on all the input from this board, plus her best friends opinion I decided to buy............................




    My thoughts after recieving this bag. I like it! Actually in person its not as shiny as I imagined, very bright and light way. The size is just right. I don't think its too big, def. not too small. Now I hope she will like this gift along with a 2 day getaway I planned to this quite ghost town city 2 hours away from Phx AZ.

    Thank you folks.