which Griet print do you like???

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which Griet print??

  1. Mc

  2. Mono

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. mc or mono??// damier (forgot to add)
    btw is the mc totally gone?? i really like it :yes:
  2. I would go with the Monogram I guess? I love the way it looks with the mirage effect ( I know were talking about the basic griets and now the mirage collection).

    The multicolor is beautiful but I like the Ursula more ( bigger and less $ I think?)

  3. For me...I love the Griet Damier.
    If I had to choose between the two (Mono or MC), I would have to choose the Mono.
  4. I like the MC
  5. I like it in Damier ... I think it'd be great in the Azur too!
  6. I would LOVE an epi griet! :love:

  7. that sums it up for me, though im not sure how i feel about a suhali griet. LOL. :supacool:
  8. I think the bordeaux mirage griet was TDF, but so was the price! I think I like damier best betw your choices...mono next, and MC last bc I'm not a fan of MC on large bags bc it's so "busy," but that's just me!
  9. mono...
  10. Damier :yes:
  11. Neither, I like the Damier Griet.
  12. I think the Damier Griet is great looking!!!
  13. I personally LVoe the Griet in the Mirage pattern, but between the two you listed, I like the look of the Multicolore......
  14. mono