Which grey reissue is the best?

  1. The 3rd pic should be the 12P taupe reissue. G&SMommy purchase one in this color but I forgot if hers is 226 or 227.
  2. I'm liking the very first one, which season is that cashcash?
  3. I love the 2005 reissue, if you can get one for a reasonable price. There was also a matte grey reissue for fall 2008 that was very pretty, this is a pic of mine from 2008. It's not as grained as the pic of the 2005.
  4. I also would love to own a grey reissue and love the color of this one:


    Sorry, if this is in the wrong forum and to hijack your thread, cashcash, but do you guys think this one is authentic? Also, it states that this is lambskin, but I thought the anniversary / reissues were all calfskin? Do you think the condition looks appropriate to the cost?

    The other one I am considering is from 2008, but that is a lighter grey, right? This one is significantly less expensive that the anniversary edition on Malleries, although I prefer the darker grey. What do you guys think between the two?

    I heard rumors that there may be a grey reissue coming out for pre-fall. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  5. The anniversary edition 227s are flatter than the current 227s, so a *little* less spacious. Someone put up comparison pics of the black GHW before but I can't remember the thread.
  6. Wen is right the third picture is 12p taupe which is available at store two months ago. It's like beige plus light grey. I prefer darker so I love the 2005 anniversary one!
  7. The very first one should be from this season if I am not wrong so it's 12a! Isn't it pretty? I think it can be an alternative of 2005 anniversary one :smile:
  8. This one is special too just that 2005 is so stunning lol
  9. This should be the grey for pre fall if I am not mistaken
  10. I love the 11P grey reissue. Gray bags with the gold hardware are so rare and the lilac undertones are so pretty on this bag.
  11. Yes i think its a very pretty grey :smile:
  12. I prefer this combo too. A true grey and the silver hardware sets if off beautifully. In my eyes, the grey with the gold hardware just doesnt look right, even though many tPf's love the combo.
  13. It's this season !!! Very tempted :smile:
  14. I have to agree, best grey ever made has to be the 2005 Anniv. reissue.

    I've been tempted recently by grey w/ghw though!
  15. Just tempted so it is safe for the wallet. LOL. Where did you see the grey with GHW?