Which grey reissue is the best?

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    Hi ladies, I always love to own a grey reissue but keep missing out as I think it's way too expensive when I saw them. But as all of you know, the price hike is not going to stop so I start to prepare myself to track one but want to ask all experts on which grey do you think is the best.

    Thanks for the tpfers who posted the pics

    But if you think there is other grey better than this, pls advise!
    image-3464136161.png image-1630514203.png
  2. Chanel 50th Anniversary Grey Reissue. Pic from seller "Only Authentic" at malleries.
  3. Some people really like this 11P grey with lilac undertone with the GHW.

    Photo courtesy from TPF member: Ceya
  4. I like this one too!
  5. Do you want to add this to your growing collection? :graucho:
  6. I love love love this!!!
  7. I'm currently trying to set up my charity fund!! :smile: II want to add "THESE" to my collection, not just "this"!!:p
  8. Another great one that I missed :sad:
  9. This one is amazing!!!
  10. Which one are you loving? They are all TDF..
  11. They are all beautiful, but my preference is for silver h/w and more of a true grey... I have and love the 227 grey anni reissue :love:... carrying it today, in fact! :smile:
  12. True. Are u referring to this ? I find this grey very chic and I like the combo of this grey with silver hardware.
  13. The 50th anniversary 2.55 has a skinny bottom right?
  14. Unstuffed photo 50th anniversary gray reissue:
  15. If you're looking for a "true grey", I think the grey in the second pic is really pretty. But I personally like the color in the third pic, although it looks a bit beige to me. Do you know the color code? Is it taupe? And does it come in 227 (large) size?