Which grey bag is nicer??

  1. Hey Ladies..

    I got this dark grey Bag a fews weeks ago... But in the big version. So the same bag just bigger.. Its quiet big actually... Shopper/Tote.


    But now I saw this new grey bag from miu miu...


    Now I dont know if I should return the bag I just got.

    Both are grey just the first bag is dark grey and the other is light grey ... nearly into a white shade.
    I know the dark grey is easier to use (dirt, and I can wear it in summer AND winter) but the light is very nice.. especially with the gold hardware.

    But then again I have a light grey sissi rossi bag... Its not a shopper though.. It has the same size like the dark grey bag here from miu miu.. just light grey and the leather is much softer..

    Now what should I do? Change the bag or keep my bag? The light grey bag is nice.. But I think I might only like it cause of the gold hardware!? And there will be more light grey bags out.. I guess??

    What do you ladies think? Please post your opinions!
  2. I like the second style better. The first one reminds me of a skirt I had when I was 5 that I hated...could never get excited about pleats on anything after that!:rolleyes:
  3. :drool: I luuuurrrrvvveeee the second one too. In fact, I'm eyeing that to be my next Miu Miu purchase.
  4. I prefer the first one. the second one is very big IRL unless you are looking for a large bag.
  5. i like the first one better
  6. My vote goes to the first one, love the pleating.

  7. I prefer the second :tup:
    I purchased it some days ago but in black color :smile:
    I love the big tote!
  8. thank all of you!!!!

    I will prob. keep the first one. I called a second hand store in my city to ask about selling it to them- but it would be such a ripoff. I payed 990 Euros and they would sell it for 50%- 495E - and then they would split the 495E again 50-50 (for me/and the shop) so I would end up with only 247Euros. So no- I would waste so much money!

    But I am still thinking about getting the grey Tote... I'd actually thought about getting in black instead (wow its so confussing- just want them all:smile:)
    because I actually really in need of a black bag... I have 2 grey bags.. one medium soft sissi rossi (light) and this miu miu now... oh and one prada for going out so I guess I should just leave it..
    But I havent seen the black one in Vienna/Austria yet.. so maybe...

    Thanks all again Ladies:smile:
  9. ^ you should definitely get the leather tote. i have it in smoke grey and it's an amazing bag. i love everything about it: the size, the color, the leather texture. out of all the bags i own, it gets the most attention whenever i wear it.