which grenat should i get?


grenat twiggy or city?

  1. twiggy

  2. city

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  1. i am very excited and waiting for the grenat bags from AR. :yes: i can feel it, they're coming soon! which style looks best in the grenat...should i get a city or a twiggy? thank you ladies! :flowers:
  2. city, city, city, city, city, city, city, city, city, city!!!
  3. i haven't seen the grenat in real life, but i'm biased towards the shape of the twiggy.
  4. Oooh, I voted for city, too!(but the Twiggy is so darn cute as well!)
  5. Can I ask some questions first (to answer better)

    *do you have any other b-bags - and if so what style/colors?
    *how much do you want to carry in this bag?
    *do you prefer a smaller or larger bag?
  6. Not knowing anything about your personal preferences, I voted the City as I myself prefer this style over the twiggy.
  7. City!
  8. City!
  9. I just voted for city! :heart:
  10. twiggy twiggy :heart::cool:
  11. city all the way!!!!
  12. City!
  13. Another vote for the City, though the Twiggy is really cute. I don't think you can go wrong with either bag.
  14. thank you ladies! :flowers: i'm having a tough time choosing btw the city and twiggy because i love both.

    beauxgoris ~ i have hobos, twiggies, and cities, but i have more twiggies than any of the other styles.
  15. my vote's even more in favor of the oxblood city now odd :yes: