Which green would you get? Please help me decide.


Which green would you get?

  1. Vert gazon PT w/ RH now

  2. Vert fonce PT w/RH later

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  1. Should I get a vert gazon PT with RH now? Or should I wait for fall and get a vert fonce PT with RH? Which green do you like more, and which do you think is more versatile? This will be my first green bbag so I want to pick one that can be worn with almost everything.
  2. i vote for the vert gazon.. good luck sweetie :girlsigh:
  3. I would get the vert gazon, am considering it myself in the day with GH. I saw one in a store window and the color is F A B U L O U S, seems fresh and crisp and good all year round, winter and summer.

    I cant empohasize how GREAT the vert gazon is in person!
  4. Kim told me Vert Fonce or (pine) is very pretty.:yes: It all depends if you want to have a very bright Green or a different one.:smile:
  5. VG of course, that's why i have bought a VG make-up clutch....HOORAY~~~~
  6. Is Vert Fonce any different from Sapin? It looks so similar to me. Sapin is too dark for me, so I prefer the Vert Gazon.
  7. IMHO, Apple green is too light, but great color for spring/summer, Vert Fonce seems like it may be too dark, so it could be a great color for Fall/winter, and Vert Gazon is JUST RIGHT, not too bright, and not too dark, so it's perfect for all seasons!!!!:graucho:
  8. The vert gazon is so special and pretty! I think the new green looks a bit boring on the swatch, but I may eat my words after I see it.
  9. There's another color Green for FW 07 called PINE. That one looks like Emerald but a bit darker and not as bright as Vert Gazon.

    Verte Fonce is kinda boring (I saw the swatches in person) and I think you'll really love PINE.
  10. I voted for VG. It's gorgeous!