which green should i go for

  1. vert fonce?
    or the pine green that should be coming out anytime now....

    which green do u guys think is nicer?
  2. I have a vert fonce Day on the way, I prefer this color but it just depends on your taste... :smile:
  3. I think Pine green is more obviously green (not so close to black)...so I would go for that.
  4. I'd have to see the picture of the Pine but the Vert Fonce is right up my alley since I don't really care for black bags.
  5. The vert fonce is more wearable (and looks fantastic with SGH), but pine green is such a rich colour. There's no wrong decision.
  6. ;)Vert fonce or pine, what is the difference???
    I thought it was all the same.:wtf:
  7. vert fonce is olive and pine is well, pine green. Very different colors IMHO. I think it just comes down to what you like best. I love that about bbags. There is no right or wrong, just what each of us like best. I have seen olive in person and not pine. Olive was one I thought I'd really like, but once I saw it- I didn't. I think the pine is very rich looking and a pretty color, just not for me. Good luck with your decision!!!
  8. ITA with pepper. They are very different greens. I personally like vert fonce since i have a drab wardrobe and the darker brownish colors go better. Stand in front of your closet and see what you wear the most, then decide which bag will work best. g'luck!
  9. I vote for pine!
  10. I'm really anxious to see pine too, so I vote for that!

  11. but they're different greens..! each bbag is NICE :graucho:
  12. Pine!