Which green color do you like better?


Which greel color do you like better?

  1. Apple green

  2. Vert Gazon

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am still in my hopeless journey of looking for a green bag:crybaby: To cheer myself up maybe a poll will be a good idea. So which green color do you prefer, apple green or vert gazon? I am currently looking for these two colors but you can also add other green colors that you like.
  2. Just missed an apple green twiggy on eBay. I totally forgot it =(
  3. i need a comparison pic...i have only seen the apple but i love that one.
  4. i am voting for apple green if you can find one. i love the color and the leather on it. good luck!
  5. Here is the picture of the colors.

    vert gazon

    apple green


    My pick is vert gazon :yes: :p
  6. Another Vert Gazon fan here!:yahoo:I just love this color green. I think you can get away wearing this color year-round.:graucho:
  7. Vert Gazon. Its just right. It has more oomph than emerald but is not so glaring that it can serve as a versatile neutral. Apple green is too neon for me. Plus, its not a very flattering color on many people.
  8. Yup, vert gazon. I used to be an apple fan until I saw the two next to each other. :smile:
  9. Loving Vert Gazon!!!
  10. Apple green.
  11. Denitely Vert Gazon. Love the color!
  12. More Vert Gazon pics...


  13. both colors are beautiful but I find vert gazon more versatile
  14. ^^ditto what he said :smile:

  15. gorgeous bags! maybe i should just settle with a VT RH instead of GH which is so hard to find these days.