Which graphite bag?

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  1. Hi im lookng to get a bag, but cant decide between the tadao or the jorn. Mainly gonna use it for putting books, my ipod, and maybe a small laptop. Using it now for shopping, etc, gonna use it as a school bag when school starts.

    I woulda get the tadao if it could be carried as a tote, but from what i read, the handles are too small. It looks a lil square and i wonder how it looks when used with the strap. I like the shape of the jorn abit more. However i wonder if the jorn has enough space for my things.

    The Porte-Document looks like a larger version of the jorn, is this so?

    Really having a hard time deciding, any advice?

    Also will be getting the graphite inverteurs belt and a multicolor black wapity case. Should i get a graphite brazza to complete the look or a multicolor black wallet instead. I'll be using all of this daily, just afraid using too much of the same design might be a little weird.
  2. I have a feeling that there is very little difference between size of the Jorn and the P-D. Any smaller than a P-D will make the bag to small I think. I have to go in again today to have a look.
  3. When I first saw the Graphite bags, I've thought that the Tadao is the one for me. I dunno why but it's like we're meant to be together.. lol.. But it's the price that's keeping us apart.. :crybaby:

    I suggest you go with the one your really like and is perfect for your lifestyle. And you'll be happy with it forever! :cloud9:
  4. I think Tadao would be a perfect bag. It can fit anything that you discribed. About Jorn, I think it's quite big as the shopping bag. :P. I just went to the store today to see the Graphite line, even the Jorn is gorgeous but it's tooo big :tdown:
  5. I tried the Tadao but it was too big on me so I am patiently waiting for the Renzo. It depends on how many books etc you plan on carrying. Good luck.