Which goyard wallet to buy for men?

  1. I have a friend who is going to France and I want him to buy me a wallet from Goyard.

    The problem is I live in a country where there are no goyard stores and i can't seem to find a catalogue online.

    Do you have any recommendations as to which wallet to buy, and the price?

    I'm a guy, and to give you an idea, I really like the James Wallet from LV: it's got many card compartiments and is big enough to put receipts but not so big as to take too much space in your pocket.
  2. This one cant hold that many cards and cash, but it is slim and can fit enough. Don't know the name of it though sorry.
    015.JPG 016.JPG
  3. http://europeandesigns.net/catalogoLogin_GOYARD/accesories.html
  4. I have one in yellow. No coin pouch. Don't know it's name.


    And one in burgundy. It's a Saint Florentin.