Which Goyard Color is your favorite?

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  1. silver? can you post a pic? thanks! :smile:

  2. i haven't seen a silver St. Louis, can you post a pic? thanks!:yahoo:
  3. black
    new navy
  4. Green
    Sky Blue
  5. Bordeaux
    Black with tan handles
  6. #111 Sep 6, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2010
    Hi annalcg, have you gotten your yellow Goyard yet? I love the vibrant colors of Goyard and I too have been obsessed with Yellow except that lately the Powder Blue is also looking equally attractive.
    I usually go with how I feel about color and right now, the Powder Blue is winning out.....
    We don't have a Goyard boutique even remotely near where I live and so I have to wait to go on a trip to be able to buy one.
    Asking someone else to buy it for me is not an option because I believe that a large part of the experience and enjoyment is walking into the boutique and having the SA trot out the bags for you to choose from until you get to decide the one that's going home with you ------ this time!:biggrin:
    Do post pictures of your Yellow if you've bought one....:biggrin:
  7. yellow, orange, red, powder blue. I like happy colors.
  8. I love the light blue!
  9. Orange
    Black with tan trim

    I also saw a gray bag in one of the threads and that was so gorgeous I wish Goyard would make that color available in all the styles!
  10. red
  11. light blue
  12. Black on Black
    Powder Blue
  13. Blue and yellow, both striking from a distance! you can't miss it!
  14. I'm a guy, so the BLACK would be my favorite. The NAVY and EMERALD are close seconds. I also like the BLACK/TAN.

    But if I could pull it off - the RED is hot! The YELLOW and WHITE is also nice if you can afford secondary bags to match outfits/seasons. :smile:

    You can't really go wrong with any colors of Goyard's palette. :cool:
  15. does anyone know what this color is? Never seen it before. Limited Edition?
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