Which Goyard Color is your favorite?

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  1. I was wondering which Goyard color everyone likes the most. I love the white but I don't own any white pieces yet b/c I am scared they will get too dirty. My top 3 are
    1. White
    2. Black
    3. Red

    Name your top 3!:smile:
  2. I am loving the black (with brown and white):smile: I think white would be very cool in the summer.
  3. 1. black w/ brown
    2. Red
    3. Orange and green and brown for wallets.

    Think I cheated eh?? Sorry, I love all 3 colors for the wallets.
  4. I love black.
  5. Tough decision!

    If I could only have one favourite, I'd have to say it's black. on black.

    Black is followed closely by red and blue, particuarly for the St Louis.
  6. Mine is 1. Black/Tan (love love love this combo) 2. Red 3. White (only in summer)
  7. Black/black
    Dark blue
  8. 1. White
    2. Dark Blue
    3. Black

    (and I only own the black LOL)
  9. i love white, yellow and red st louis goyard
  10. I only have white, but I love it! And Bextasy--I've used it off and on for about four months now and it shows absolutely no signs of wear. It's been to ball games, the beach, restaurants etc...

    1. White
    2. Dark blue
    3. Green
  11. ^ O wow good to know! Which style is it?:nuts:
  12. ^^ St. Louis PM. Even the straps are still perfectly white...
  13. Dark Blue
  14. I love the green and orange. I have a red wallet and that is a fun color too!
  15. I love them all but white is my favorite. If I really had to pick then 1. White 2. Powder blue 3. Yellow (or green:biggrin:)

    I have the white St Louis PM and it's my only white bag. It's really easy to keep clean (still spotless) and works with almost any outfit.
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