Which Goyard bag should I get?

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Which handbag style do you like the most?

  1. White St. Martin

  2. White Croisiere 35

  3. Orange St. Martin

  4. Orange Croisiere 35

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. finally went into the boutique today and am torn between two designs - st. martin and the Croisiere 35... btw the colors that i'm leaning towards are either white or orange. this would be as a hand carry in hot & humid countries. i guess it can be used as a lovely summer bag as well. tia!
  2. I'm not familiar with Goyard. Can you post some pics?
  3. I will choose Orange Croisiere personally because I think it makes a striking and chic statement and it holds more than the St. Martin ;)
  4. St. Martin



  5. I have the black w/ black leather croisiere 35, and the white Fidji. I love the white on my hobo and would think it would be beautiful on the Croisiere. I vote for the white croisiere.
  6. another vote for white croisière, a member on the fashion spot got one and said it's easy to clean, the only thing I'd be afraid of with a white bag.
  7. i'm a bit clueless on goyard, don't have a branch here in london, but what is the material made of? Is it like LV canvas?

    btw, the Croisiere in white would look divine!
  8. white croisiere! and if you can wait have it painted with your own personla design
  9. oops personal
  10. White croisiere!
  11. white croisiere too!! been longing to have one!!! :biggrin:
  12. I don't know if it's because I've been looking, but Goyards are starting pop up all over NYC. I've seen several over the last week. Also, I saw a picture of Debra Messing carrying one.
  13. I like the Groisiere 35 either in orange or white....gorgeous bags, I don't think you can go wrong with any color. Personally, I love and want the Jeanne PM, just love the shape.
    [​IMG]someday, my Goyard will come!
  14. The saint martin is very interesting. I hadn't seen that style before. I have the Croisiere 35 in white and I ADORE it. Its most certainly a bag you fall in love with. I think the white is the loveliest of the Goyard colors. No matter what you go with you will love it. These bags are addictive and beautiful. I cannot wait to get another Goyard and some luggage too! :yahoo:
  15. I also vote for the white Croisiere 35! I've been wanting one too.