Which Gold Clutch is Cuter-Lauren Merkin or Jimmy Choo?

  1. I have three choices...the python "eve," gold leather "louise," or the gold Choo. Which is the best?
    LM eve.jpg LM louise.jpg jimmy choo.jpg
  2. I can't comment on which one is the 'best' but I do prefer the Choo.
  3. I personally like the Lauren Merkin gold clutch, but I'm a Lauren Merkin fan. :smile:
  4. I like the j choo...... but all of them are pretty..
  5. Choo is way more my thing, here. I love the hardware...that is my reasoning!
  6. I like the python lauren merkin. I like choo, but that one looks a little too satiny for the design.
  7. I personally like the Choo better.
  8. on the right one! choo?
  9. choo choo choo!
  10. Although there both cute -- CHOO!
    something to mention though is --I've has some trouble with metallic not wearing quite so well even with little usage.
    keep us posted
  11. Middle one
  12. Me too, I love her clutches :love:
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh Python!
  14. The center Merkin, tho if you're a fan of python, get that.
  15. I like the python Lauren Merkin best. Love the deeper solid gold color.