Which glasses stores carry Chanel Frames?

  1. I need prescription glasses and I heard LensCrafters did but they don't list it on their site, any suggestions?
  2. you might have to actually call or go into a len crafters. I know here in O-town at Mall at Millenia, len crafters has a full stock of Chanel Frames.
  3. Yep, I got mine at Lens Crafters
  4. I don't think any Chanel can be sold online.

    I got my Chanel frames at Lenscrafters--if you know the style number, I'm sure if you call they could tell you if they have them.

    Hope you find what you are looking for!
  5. ^Yup..the Chanel frames aren't listed on their site..You have to go in to the store..and Oh Baby prepare yourself!! They have LOTS of styles...If you don't see anything you like on display..there are drawers underneath with more.....good luck!! Block out enough time in your schedule..you'll want it to try them all on!!! Good luck!!!!
  6. i get mine from local upscale optometry offices. cohen's is a good chain in south florida.