Which Glam??

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Which Glam should I choose?

  1. Ikat

  2. Tattersall

  3. Neither......

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've been wanting to get a glam for a while now. I did pick up the anthracite a while back - it was super soft, but I don't have a great history with metallics so back she went. I have both of these on hold, which one do I spring for? I love the colors in the Ikat, but I think the Tattersall is pretty cool looking too. What to do, what to do?? Thoughts, suggestions, comments all welcome :smile:


  2. I like the tattersall better
  3. honestly... BOTH! i have the ikat glam and the tattersall small tote and both patterns are awesome! I love the colors of the ikat and i love the sequin details on the tattersall. are they at the outlet? if you don't mind me asking, how much is each one? if they are under $100 each and you like both and can afford both.. i would say definitely get both! :tup: if you really need to pick between them.... i would go with the ikat! :smile:
  4. oh! i don't know if this matters to you but the inside lining color of the ikat is a very light pink and the lining of the tattersall is lime green.
  5. I love the colors on the Tattersall especially the trim.
  6. I say go back and get the anthracite...
  7. To me, the tattersall looks washed out. It might be prettier IRL. I think it would be harder to keep it clean looking too.
  8. The Tattersall is really pretty. I like the sequin accents.
  9. I like the ikat more. I think the tattersall looks faded and that would bother me.
  10. OK my friend - U know WE always tell each other the TRUTH.

    WTH - now u know EITHER of those are YOU!! I am gonna fight you!!!!!

    Did you have drinks last night before did this poll.....I had to go back and make sure YOU were the OP for this thread....P, come on - I know it is the PRICE - LEAVE IT AT DILLARDS, PLEASE.....
  11. Thanks for posting. They are both at Dillards, 50% - the Ikat $99 and the Tattersall $130

    Thanks, I did notice that the C's are painted and that may rub over time.

    Thanks TJ. I do love the anthracite, but metallics don't last with me - the color ALWAYS rubs off. I know people have metallics with no problem I'm not so lucky.

    Good point :smile:


    Thanks, I hadn't thought about it like that.

    Girl you know I love a good deal ;). If it were the sunflower there would be no poll. And no I was not on the sauce last night lololol
  12. Girl you know I love a good deal ;). If it were the sunflower there would be no poll. And no I was not on the sauce last night lololol[/QUOTE]

    jajajaja girl u a mess

    OK if you have to get one get the denim one that is MORE you but it is NOT in ya poll !!!!!
  13. Yes...I have had zero issues with mine, love it. I would choose ikat from the two you posted.
  14. If you are worried about metallic, don't both those bags have metallic handles? I know some people don't have problems with metallics, but if you don't want to risk it, don't get any of them. My dove glam has the metallic handles and the metallic wore off and I know someone with the anthracite who had the problem too. I had my Dove replaced by the FP store but I know it can happen again. Only get one if it's worth the risk to you.
  15. I saw these at my Dillards too but I don't do prints. I voted for neither. :nogood: