which givenchy are you planning to get in 2012?


What's first on your list for 2012?

  1. Nightingale (incl totes)

  2. Pandora

  3. Antigona (incl totes)

  4. Others (tinhan, clutches, george v, etc.)

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  1. Very tempting when you put it that way!
  2. Obsessed over the Givenchy Obsedia messenger in wrinkled leather. *DROOL*
  3. Hey all I'm new this whole purseblog site...so if I post in the wrong area let me know.. I would love a particular givenchy, it's white and the leather is lattice like....can't think of how else to describe it..... But I kept the picture of it until recently so now all I can do is badly describe it and hope someone can point me in the right direction..
  4. Lattice as in laser cut lace pattern?
  5. Oh yes that's the description I was after thanks:smile:
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    is it this one? if so, it's from 2011, can't remember. i have the black version of this. have yet to see it on any website or reseller...

  7. OMG.....THIS IS IT......THANK YOU randr21 wow.....I had lost hope....I love this site,...haha...so excited and my husband is just looking at me as if I'm mad cos I'm shouting out........thanks again....mmmwwwaaa....
  8. Also what is the name of this bag?....:smile:...
  9. I want this! But I can't find one in black! Only red at Myer Sydney. I don't even know what it's called? :confused1:

  10. Oh but it's also very nice:smile:
  11. it's just the givenchy nightingale in white lace, and i'm glad to have helped. :smile:
  12. cute bag, but have not seen it here stateside, or on any of the intl'l givenchy distributor websites.
  13. Thanks now all I need is to find it....was in myer...sigh...
  14. I found it today. However it's made in China, is that normal? It's on hold for me for a few days. I nearly purchase it. Is there a huge difference in quality between china made and Italy made G bags?
  15. I want a white givenchy but am being swayed by all the Devine nightingales....