which givenchy are you planning to get in 2012?


What's first on your list for 2012?

  1. Nightingale (incl totes)

  2. Pandora

  3. Antigona (incl totes)

  4. Others (tinhan, clutches, george v, etc.)

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  1. Just got my first Givenchy :smile: It's a GORGEOUS large Pandora in Chocolate with Rose Gold Hardware in lambskin.

    My latest love...:heart:
  2. That sounds gorgeous. Would love to see a pic :smile: where did you purchase it from?
  3. I really like the nightingale bag, but still debating if I want to get it.

    Question: Would the nightingale bag be alright to use for college? I want to know if it will be durable for my books, binders, and other supplies.
  4. I wouldn't, but that's just me. I use mine for work, but I definitely dont put anything heavy like textbooks, etc. on a daily basis. The heaviest thing I have in there is my makeup bag.
  5. Oh I see. I'm not going to stuff it with that much stuff because I'll be using the locker at school. I just need it for carrying basic stuff like a 1 inch binder, the course book, a water bottle, and pencil case to one or two classes. I could always exchange or put away things I don't need to carry in my locker.

    I like how the bag has a shoulder strap which can come in handy.
  6. Maybe a mini Pandora! It's the perfect size for a cross body bag and has a unique shape. Plus it looks really cute in bright colors! :p
  7. A Beige or Camel color Nightingale is on my wish list!
  8. I really like the black Nightingale, but still not a 100% sure.
    (My first post on TPF! Jeeh!)
  9. Going to try out a George V laced black apron bag.........should receive it tomorrow!
  10. nice, more action shots and closeups to add to our family album
  11. Got the George V laced apron bag in black from Barneys sale over the weekend.
    It is really a great looking bag.

    Have not yet really looked at it well yet or put my things into it, as I love big bags - and this one is big - wondering if it might be 'too' big??

    What do you guys think of the bag?

    I will try and post pics soon of mine.
  12. The Antigona has really grown on me! I love duffles so it was only a matter of time. I would like the medium grey croc-stamped one, as I have nothing like that in my collection. I have a black crinkled-leather medium Nightingale.
  13. I will definitely get a Lucrezia (the bag Amanda Seyfried has been toting around) but also likely another Antigona (I'm really want to hunt down a blue/brown/black triocolour from last season).
  14. lots of ppl have been loving the croc embossed/stamped...i've seen the antigona in this version and it looks so chic. will definitely complement your pepe nightingale.

    seen lots of bi/tri-colored antigonas on eBay...maybe a stalking is in order.