which givenchy are you planning to get in 2012?


What's first on your list for 2012?

  1. Nightingale (incl totes)

  2. Pandora

  3. Antigona (incl totes)

  4. Others (tinhan, clutches, george v, etc.)

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  1. Yay! Pictures, please - "Medium Black Pandora" can mean so many things.....
  2. True! I saw several medium black pandoras today, all with different leather texture/hw. The one I bought is the same type that I had before: pepe leather with gold hw. The leather one this one seems a bit thicker than my previous one, as well as the glazing. I just love it to pieces and will NEVER let it go again!


  3. ^ ^ ^ Gorgeous! That pepe leather amazing - it really looks more soft and squishy than other bags.

    Did your first bag have the flap pocket or was it the zippered version? I have one of both; can't decide which I like best!
  4. Thanks! My first black one had the double zippers, too. I then bought a medium grey one with the flap pocket. Have to say, I much prefer the double zippered version. It gives an extra bling to the bag.
  5. And what color are you looking for? Which leather too? Bal lovers would do best with the matte leather calf, IMHO. It's closer to home if you know what I mean. ;)

    (btw - I am totally in for it with the Reed Krakoff Gym Bag you had. Gonna have to grab me one of those eventually. Saw it irl at NM a couple weeks ago and the leather was out of this world. Really really nice for a $890 bag!)

    Lizard embossed Antigona, eh?! Haven't gotten used to the embossed antigonas yet since I'm new at Givenchy, but Id like to learn more. Seems like something the "knowin" people get. Maybe I'll graduate soon. :p

    If you go for a blue Nightingale, what kinda blue? I'm all about Night's in fun poppy colors!
  6. Antigona, Antigona and Antigona!
  7. :smile: I am not exactly sure...I love your Khaki, so that is always an option!! I also really like the Suede version of the bag, but I am very afraid of suede!

    RK bags really are phenomenal!! The leather is insane and the details on his bags are extra special! I am sure you would not be disappointed with one of his beauties!!
  8. Just saw this one in person and it's really really pretty, just the cool enough blue with a bit of warmth to it. the leather is also matte, and I can see it with many neutral colors in my wardrobe all season. besides, it's a similar (but much cheaper!) blue compared to the hermes BdP that I adore.

  9. OMG I was JUST going to report back to you what I saw at Barney's today. I saw this same exact bag at Barney's SF and it was incredible! I am not usually a blue bag girl unless its really dark, almost violet. But this one is amazing! The texture is squishy and a little bit more glossy than on some other smooth Nightingales that I've seen. I much prefer this glossy one though I don't know the terms and names of them.

    How much is this beauty? SO pretty, swear if I only get one Nightingale ever it will be in this type of leather.

    (They also had a black and orange in this type of squishy leather.)

  10. Suede?? Don't. Just, don't. :p There is a Khaki one on fleabay right now... that one looks just like mine. Much more beautiful irl I promise you that.
  11. isn't it gorgeous? I love love the goatskin, which is in between the sheen-ier calfskin and the more delicate & matte lambskin...and the 'gale large in this color is $2430.

    I also saw the black and orange in med. goatskin irl. FYI, on bny's website, it shows the orange as 2265. tangerine is the pantone color for 2012, so you know the orange 'gale will be a hot commodity for someone. however, i'm not a huge fan of the goatskin in that orange. i personally would have preferred a little more sheen with that color?

    Another plus for me is the blue has the logo hw instead of just the stamp. dont get me wrong, I have a couple 'gales with just the stamped logo on the handles, but something about having a brighter colored bag with the hw logo that just adds that certain touch for me.

    i also saw one of the tri-colored 'gales and the colors didnt do it for me or what. i'm still waiting for the tri-colored 'gonas to arrive so i can check them out in person.

    p.s. love your panda modeling shots in the other thread! givenchy is a genius with their wrinkled leather/pepe style. you picked some gorgeous colors there!
  12. Oh lawdy, I loved it. Walked right up to the gorgeous blue Night in Barney's and petted it for a good 30 seconds. Now, I'm a novice to Night's but I certainly haven't ever seen anything like it! I was amazed and how supple the leather was without feeling delicate.

    Never had a Night on my list of wants before, but lets add it on there for 2012. Always thought the Night's were all bark but no bite (like what is the big deal?!) but now I realize its the dark colors that make me feel this way for some reason. Plus you're right - the hardware on the handles is a NICE touch indeed! Much needed on the Night's IMHO. Too much leather; nothing to 'break it up.'

    Sounds like you're gonna have quite a busy 2012 coming up with all those bags to check out! HEY you might even see ol' RERE up in there with a new Givenchy or two. :lol:

    BTW - thanks! The wrinkled pepe leather is my FAVORITE. I mean favorite of all leathers. Not only is the design of the Pandora sheer genius, but coupled with the pepe leather... GAH GAH GAHVENCHY.
  13. Antigona.

    My problem has been trying to decide which color/material combination. But I think I'm set on the python/leather.
  14. wow, I would love to see some mod shots of that baby when you get her in. there were several python colors for the antigona in the 2012 collection...I cant wait to be surprised!!
  15. Just got myself a small pandora, just right for me 4 ft. 11 in. frame and perfect for small errands in light brown, don't know the name but ts a tad darker than hazel.