Which Givenchy are you getting in 2013?


Which Givenchy are you getting in 2013

  1. Antigona (duffel, tote, clutch, etc.)

  2. Lucrezia

  3. Nightingale (satchel, tote, etc.)

  4. Pandora

  5. Other (Tinhan, Obsedia, George V, etc.)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    New year, new poll. Antigonas took first place in 2012 with nightingales a close second. What are you adding to your collection? Multiple choices allowed :smile:
  2. A medium Antigona prefer tri-color or pandora large goat skin
  3. Oooh I'm eyeing the Antigona in the gorgeous summery sky blue!
  4. I am waiting for French sales to start to finally get my pepe leather Pandora!
    Still 11 days to go....
  5. Hope to get my first Nightingale in 2013!
  6. I love the blue.
  7. Hopefully either a small red antigona or a medium black antigona!
  8. medium antigona croc :love:
  9. I've got my eye on Lucrezia...

    ...I like that it is slightly less structured than the Antigona, which is a stunning bag but not practical for my lifestyle.

    I've seen several photos of Amanda Seyfried carrying her Lucrezia and it looks great! I especially like that the handles are connected to the bag by hardware, so they will lay flat if you happen to carry it by the shoulder strap.

    I really don't need another black bag, so I'm hoping to find a Lucezia in another neutral (gray, or maybe khaki) with Pepe-style leather, or grained goat skin.


  10. Just got my Summer 2013 mini pepe Pandora in sky blue from Barneys! It looked more ocean-like to me in the pictures from my SA, will be here Wed.!!! SO EXCITED!
  11. I ordered a medium Nightingale satchel in taupe -- at 50% off -- and it will arrive in a few days. It's my first Givenchy bag and I'm so excited!!
  12. Wow, where do you get such a great deal?
  13. Can i just share that every new year its my tradition to buy new purse. But this january 1 i didnt get one. Because we planned to go to different trips this year. Unfortunately this month i already booked a ticket and hotel and to my surprise. my boss didnt allow me to file the leave. Im terribly mad wish i gave the money to charity or buy myself a new purse which is givenchy antigona or nightingale. :tdown::tdown:
  14. I guess something important came up that your boss needed you for? Sorry to hear that...