Which GIANT work should i get??

  1. hmmm..
    I have the black work with the Silver Giant Hardware but I feel like i should exchange it for the gold one.. hmm..
    what do you think?

    one more thing!
    I'm 5'8" (slim) and am wondering if i should get stay with the work, or switch to the city or parttime?
  2. Which one is calling your name out more? I personally prefer the black w/ SGH combo. But then again.. it's personal preference.. but if you're definitely having 2nd thoughts, close your eyes... and which bag do you picture 1st? hahah how cheesy.. but it works~!
  3. I like both, but personally I prefer the SGH. I am a white gold/platinum/silver person, the GH doesn't match me as well as the SGH based on my coloring and wardrobe. I do love the GH on others though and at times wish it would work for me! I guess it just depends on what you wear and if you like gold more than silver....hths!
  4. i wear a lot of silver yet sometimes gold... BUTTTTTT i feel like the GH looks better than the SH.. but i dont knowww!! AAAAHHHH!
  5. With the GH, I would definitely keep the Work size. As far as color, I personally prefer the GGH over the SGH. I LOVE the black Work with GGH. Though the closest I have is the Anthracite Work with the GGH and I think that the combo is sooooooo gorgeous. The GGH really makes the bag/color POP!! Whereas the SGH is not as bold. And I think the whole point of the GH is for it to stand out and make a statement! Plus I rotate bags so I am not always carrying a bag with GGH. That's just my preference!
  6. I have seen the black with SGH, and it was kind of dull to me. The gold certainly sets it off. It wasn't until I saw that Fergie film clip "Glamorous" that I noticed how much more POP the GGH had on black compared to the SGH...I say get the GGH in a Work!
  7. DULL!!
    Dull is the word i was looking for to describe how the SGH work looked...
    oh man..
  8. i would definitely go with the work style with any GH. love the combo. i love the black with giant gold more than the silver.
  9. Personally I prefer the GGH over the SGH... the only SGH bag I will get is the violet SGH work! on the black, I prefer the GGH... definitely more stunning! I'm not a big fan of the SGH... I wear alot of silver... in fact I dont wear gold jewellery at all and I find my Cafe GGH PT and Sandstone GGH Work looks fine when i use it... no clashing at all... or is it just me???
  10. I loooove Black, Anthra, Sandstone Work with GGH and Violet with SGH. Had a hard time choosing between Black and Anthra - but ended up going with black because of the leather choices I had at the time. And cuz of Fergie rocking that bag!!!
  11. i prefer the work with GH but i think i also prefer SGH.
  12. I'm 5'9 and slim and did not like the work size on me AT ALL. I am small boned and from the side view with the work on my shoulder, it was so overpowering. It actually made me look like Mary Kate Olson and I'm NOT a fan. I love the work on a medium or large boned person though.
    I would recommend the city, thats my favorite and I love it with GH. As far as SGH OR GGH, I like both depending on the color of leather. Black with GGH and juane and violet with SGH, etc...
    With the part time, you have to pack it right, but it looks great on too.
  13. Check both out side by side if you can and try them on but I vote black work with GGH.
  14. i like the black in sgh!! ggh looked a bit too much on a black bag but if that's the look you're going for, i say go for it!!