Which Gathered Sophia? Torn...

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Which Gathered Sophia would be best for me?

  1. Purple

  2. Grey

  3. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I LOVE the Gathered Sophia and have lusted after it since I first saw the picture. I want the small one and I like all 3 colors and can't decide which one!

    My favorite color is purple, and at first I thought "no brainer, purple one!" The thing is, I currently only have 3 bags I use: a turquoise Op Art Kristin Tote, the Floral Embroidered Maggie in Antique Rose, and a Prada bag. The Prada bag is a small bucket style satchel that is a deep royal purple (very similar to the Sophia color) with gold hardware.

    So maybe I should consider another color since I already have a purple with gold hardware? Or should I get the purple because seriously a girl can never have enough purple. :graucho:

    I am definitely getting the Floral Sophia soon so I will soon have a black bag with gunmetal hardware.

    I have a lot of black and purple in my wardrobe, and some random colors thrown in the mix. I don't have anything grey, but kinda like the grey bag!

    I wear both gold and silver jewelry and like both kinds of hardware.

    What do you all think?!:nuts:
  2. I agree you can never have enough purple :P but I vote for the grey.
  3. even though u have another purple bag i say get that sophia she is gorgeous in that color and if she was ur first choice i say go withe her or you will regret it...
  4. I like the purple one the best, so that's what I voted for.
  5. I have a gray large and love it!!!
  6. Purple is my favorite. It is a gorgeous color.
  7. I voted Black....
  8. Purple!
    As the owner of three purple bags, I say purple! LOL!
  9. #9 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    I just got the gathered purple (from jax) and i dont like it at all!!!!!!

    I saw the balck one on the japan site, i like that one better.

    The grey looks to.....um dull.

    So with that said i vote for the black!!!

    BTW, purple is my FAV. color. but this bag did nothing for me....
  10. your having to much fun with your new pouch, hee-hee, i love the new pic!
  11. I like both but I love black and gold.

    Hi crystal-d. What didn't you like about the purple? I plan to purchase the black and purple gathered sophia. It looks great in the pics.
  12. The Purple!! I've seen them all in person and the gray is a bit plain.
  13. My fave color is purple too and I have 5 bags in purple including the sophia (two non-coach) and I am considering another bag that has some purple, but is not available yet.

    I agree, if that is your fave, you can never have too much, though I do try to balance it with others.....currently using my midnight maggie.
  14. I vote for the black!

    I wish they had a brown!
  15. Although I LOVE the purple, I think that the gray is very versatile, so that's my vote!