Which game(s) are YOU playing?!

  1. Nerd alert here: I still love the old Legend of Zelda games!
  2. ^^
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking a classic such as that. :tup:
  3. sims 3
    lineage are all im playing for the moment.
  4. Sims 3 >> though I gotta say, I really miss the easy switch between families/households of the Sims 2, so I'll probably be picking that back up within the next week.
  5. still love playing Halo3!
    WAW zombies mode is taking up a lot of my time lately.

    i want kingdom hearts to come out on DS alreadyyyy.
  6. I love the classic zelda games ^__^!

    I love this game too! except I have it on my computer.

    YAY! for WoW recovery! I used to play alot more but stopped playing since alot of the players now are waaaaay to serious about the game (or at least from the guilds I've been in... lot of fighting ends up happening about loot and raiding times.. etc etc). But yes I agree... raiding MC and BWL were the good old days ^__^!!! I didn't play beta but started about a couple months after the released the game I think back in 2004?

    I think I've also seen mention of House of the Dead: Overkill! I love that game! hah.. its so bad... but thats why its awesome haha. I originally started playing House of the Dead in arcades (it was my favorite shooting game).. so I'm glad they have it for the Wii so I can save my quarters!

    And I also saw someone likes to play Katamari!! I :heart: this game so much! Sadly I only have an Xbox360 right now and can only play Beautiful Katamari.. I was a bit disappointed with it since the Playstation2 version was so awesome!
  7. ^^
    I still have a fat PS2 in perfect working condition, and I have We Love Katamari!! I love that game to death. But my favorite all time game is Shadow of the Colossus by Team Ico. I can't wait for The Last Guardian!!
  8. Metal Gear Solid: 3

    "Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?!"
  9. i love scrabble via facebook!
  10. me too! i was addicted a little while ago. my friends made fun of me for it ^__^ playing live is really fun. i've only been 1st place once. it was so difficult..
  11. Who used to play Pool on Yahoo!
  12. Has anyone gotten the new Wii Sports Resort??
  13. My husband picked it up yesterday, I think we played about 5 of the games on it. It's pretty fun, the wii motion sensor does help out with some of the movements. We both sucked at frisbee golf, but it was still fun.
  14. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy IV for DS and wasting time trying to find pink tails.
  15. Thanks am thinking about getting it. What other games does it have?