Which game(s) are YOU playing?!

  1. I am a well-recovered WoW addict, still have a pre-Ulduar Pally and DK, both in T7.5 gear. The game's just too good, too much of a time drain that I can't afford to play anymore. Oh the days of raiding MC and BWL.... the memories!

    These days I've gotten hooked on "Prototype". If you like fast-paced action, gory mass-slaughtering, the game is right up your alley. Intense, a lot of fun!

    I personally can not wait for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
  2. Sounds like my kind of game! I'm all about the gory mass-slaughtering! :roflmfao:
  3. Did any one ever play killer instinct back in the day?? I miss it. I used to play it for hours!!
  4. the sims 2. still haven't gotten 3. i tried it at my friend's and it's alright. i'm not rushing to get it

    also mario kart on the wii. always :p
  5. I was never much into fighting games - the only one I was obsessed with was Mortal Kombat. I remember back in the day I used to play Doom on the computer during my summer job at a small computer company instead of doing my work! It made 8 hours fly by quickly!
  6. diner dash on my nintendo ds
  7. Final Fantasy VII! :nuts: I'm reliving my childhood, this is such a classic! :heart:

    I'm so eager for FF XIII and FF XIII VERSUS to be released next year! Aaaack! :woohoo:
  8. ^I'm not a fan of rpgs but I do play FF games (just the FFVII and up). FFVII was the first PS game I played! I still haven't finished FFXII which I guess is another game I have to finish. I'm pretty pumped for XIII to be released too!

    Another game I'm in the middle of playing (pretty close to the end) is Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams - I put it down because I realized I made a mistake in the game and will most likely have to start over...
  9. My friend was able to get the FFXIII demo. It got a bit frustrating at times, but like any FF game it's very pretty.
  10. *sigh* I'm at the final boss (on normal mode) for Fatal Frame II and I don't think I will be able to beat him. I only have 16 shots of the second to best film (type 90) and 7 shots of type zero film. At this point, I'm thinking I will have to back track to gear up for the boss fight, which is horrible given that you have to fight the ceremony master RIGHT before the final boss. I do have a fully upgraded camera, and a level 2 blast equipped, but my gaming instincts tell me that's not enough. Given my inventory I would have to do everything perfectly in order to just barely beat him.

    I hate games that make you back track for gear, they should give you some equipment right before the boss fight.
  11. Oh my goodness, this game freaked me out too much. FFI. I rented it, and took it back. My dog would start barking at the noises in the game freaking me out even more.
  12. Right now I'm playing SIMS3 and I love to play Tropico and Cleopatra and Emperor.
  13. The final boss in FFII was really really tough.

    That's the reason why I put down my Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams game - I realized I didn't have enough in my inventory that I can defeat the boss (I used up all my power for the "minor" boss before this "major" boss). My character is too weak. My problem is I usually like rushing through a game so I never level up appropriately to fight the final boss.

  14. FF is my absolute favorite series EVER. I can't wait for FFXIII. I have a very very close friend that works at SE on the development side, however, he's VERY tight lipped about the projects. I get it and all and I'm sure he's sick of shop talk but darn, I wish he would give me something to go on! I'm excited for the Fabula Nova Crystallis series too. Lightning is such a badass. Can't wait to play as her!
  15. Currently I'm in WoW (very controlled addiction, though- kinda have to with kids!), and of the Wii party games, and Mafia Wars, of all things. Who would ever think such a stupid little facebook ap would be so addicting!

    I play Spore with my daughter, too- she LOVES creating creatures. And I'm sure once Diablo III hits, we'll be having a hard time splitting our little available playing time between that and WoW.