Which game(s) are YOU playing?!

  1. We (stupidly) ordered the CE on Amazon which they wouldn't send out for Game Day release. Mine just arrived today and is waiting at home, and my husband's is going to be here tomorrow. The only reason I'm not completely pissed off that I didn't have it right away is because of all the crazy server stuff- thought I can't say I'm surprised as it's happened on every release that I can remember. Anyone else remember the mess that was WoW for the first few weeks? And then the dreaded server queues? Yow.
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    I hear ya! You didn't miss much though.
    What I did, release night:
    - Picked up my preorder at GameStop. I was the only girl that was there (out of thirty guys), so it was much of a shock to step into the store with all eyes on you. Yikes.
    - Sit, hang out and wait til 12:00PST rolls around.
    - Tried logging in, server is busy.
    - Continues trying for another 40 minutes. Copy password, paste password, enter.
    - An hour-ish later: Blizzard shuts down their bnet website to free up some servers and officially i'm in - levelin' up my wizard.
    - More leveling.
    - Depletes Red Bull pack - the sunrise outside my window.
    - More outages. Server restarts.
    - Didn't sleep / pass out until 2:00pm in the afternoon.

    I don't know what is more sad, all of this or requesting time off for this. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. Draw Something and I am addicted!
  4. I can't get into it....they're 2 cute to be menacing - I prefer my gritty-looking night elf death knight to be honest!
  5. Diablo 3 as well... when the server outages allow for it.

    Also, Prototype 2.
  6. Just finished act 2 in Diablo 3... so addictive, I want to know what happens next!
  7. *gasp* You're with the Alliance?! :O

    my main is a BE lock.
  8. hehe...for the Alliance! I'm an night elf nerd, what can I say :smile: I tried a blood elf, but couldn't really get into it....I prefer the pretty night elf starting area I guess (not that the death knight starting area was that pretty though...) ;) Locks seem hard to play - I'm all about hacking and slashing and cool armor!
  9. started playing diablo 3 a few nights a go! My partner has been playing it non stop lol
  10. me too!:p
  11. Words with friends
    Office Jerk

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  12. - Slingo from Zynga on FB
    - Zynga Bingp
    - Home sheep home on google chrome
  13. Doodle Find
    Zombie Swipeout (???)
    Diner Dash Thrills & Spills <--- I have been playing many different variations of this game for a few years and I still love it!
  14. Diablo iii!!!!
  15. hidden chronicles and sims 3