Which game(s) are YOU playing?!

  1. YAY!! First of all I just want to give a big shoutout and thank you to to Vlad on creating a place for all us techie nerds to congregate!

    I've always wanted to start a thread for video games and I was curious to see what game(s) tpfers are playing!

    I'll start:
    -The Sims 2 on and off
    -Gears of War 2 (going through hardcore to unlock insane mode)
    -Fallout 3 (going to go for bad karma this time)

    Want to pick up:
    -Left 4 Dead

    So, what game(s) are YOU currently playing??
  2. Yes. First THANK YOU VLAD! I am so stoked we have this subforum.

    Really the only PC game I play regularly is Sims 2. I do most of my gaming on the Wii and PS2.
  3. hooray for adding this new sections! I'm more of classic game person, Wii's mario series etc. But mostly Lineage II :yes:
  4. Loving this new forum! I've been playing Sims 3.
  5. WoW. I can't help myself.
  6. Brain Age! LOL
  7. I'm a total gamer nerd! I'm addicted to Me & My Katamari on my PSP, just started GTA III on my PS2, just finished GTA Chinatown on my DS, occasionally play Sims 2 on my iMac, and waiting for Sims 3 to be downloadable for my MacBook Air. :-P
  8. I recently got a Wii the only game I have is Wii sports which came with it. Any suggestion for new games I should get?
  9. Wow. Im so happy to see this subform as well! Yay!

    I am a huge gamer!! Im currently playing Killzone 2 and Lair for PS3.. and I still find time to play World of Warcraft. ( Thats right. I admit I play wow )
  10. congrats! Wii is such a fun system, can you share more what type of game you enjoy the most? I'm a classic fan, so I love all the Mario, Kirby, series...cooking mama (the first one) is great too!
  11. World of Warcraft & Wii :biguns:
  12. Sally's Spa on iPhone! I'm so addicted!!! :nuts:
  13. paper mario thousand year door- its for gamecube but i never got around to it so now i play it on my wii. I also play rockband, the simpsons and civilization revolution on the 360 on and off.
  14. If you like first person shooters, The Conduit just came out! It's been selling like hotcakes at my store! Other than that, I would recommend Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, Rayman Raving Rabids, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Bloom Box, and Wii Play to get the extra Wii Remote!

    I have yet to get a PS3, but I heard Killzone 2 was really good! If you haven't, you should really check out Bioshock for the PS3! Oh, and Dead Space which is a cult favorite. It was a big sleeper which a lot of people didn't know about, but it is an EXCELLENT scary game, if not the scariest game!
  15. ha ha. im not really a tech nerd (maybe I am) but I just got this new game on my macbook called budredhead.

    anyone got any other FREE games i can put on my laptop? i also have a PC with super granny 4 on it and I also enjoy playing word games and Shift, 2, 3 and just beat 4