Which Fuschia would you get?

  1. For some odd reason I really really really want to get a vernis fuschia bag but I'm not sure if I want the Bedford or the Houston. Which one would you get and which is harder to find?
  2. Reade pm!
  3. Reade pm is too small for me I feel. I actually really want a PTI but that's besides the point. How about between Bedford or Houston Nola?
  4. my favorite is the Bedford :love:
  5. Houston for its practicality. :smile:
  6. I love the Houston. I wanted one really badly but when they came out with the Framboise, I got that instead :smile:
  7. Speaking of that bag... hehe I sold one at the store today! :smile:
  8. Both bags are GREAT. I'll lean towards the Houston? It looks like it would have more room. ;)
  9. I find the vernis bedford hard to use so my vote goes to the houston
  10. What about Roxbury Drive?:nuts: I saw a Perle one today and she looked so elegant with that.:love: :yes:
  11. I love HOUSTON :heart:
    Classy and Functional Bag :yes:
  12. i love the bedford! :biggrin:
  13. Houston !!!! :love:
  14. I love the look of the bedford more, but the houston is way more practical and easy to use.
  15. The Houston is way too small to be a "real" tote bag for my liking. Moreover, the unique shape of the Bedford puts it way ahead of the Houston in terms of style. I'd go for a Bedford myself which ironically I am doing right now. I will have a fuchsia Bedford as my Christmas present to myself. Good luck with your find on whichever bag your heart guides you towards.