which freshlook lenses should i buy....

  1. I have really dark green eyes, that I want to turn into a really light green color.
    so I was hoping if anyone here maybe knew which ones I should buy if the brand is freshlook? Anyone?

  2. I used to wear Freshlooks when I was younger! I've only tried their Colorblend line (the contact has differerent shades of colour so it gradually blends in with your natural shade), and they're great. Very natural! And if you've already got green eyes, I'm sure the green Colorblends will look killer. I have dark, dark brown eyes and the blue ones blended beautifully with my colour. No weird looking eyes.

    Show us pics whenever you get them!
  3. I think you need to look into Freshlook RADIANCE.... these colored contacts are very striking and light colored. I think the Freshlook Colorblends will end up showing most of your natural dark green because of how they are colored.

    Their Freshlook DIMENSIONS completely changes colors in an even more intense way, but they seem less believable to me... ?

    I have the pearl greys from Acuvue Opaques and while my dark brown eyes become a striking blue grey, the pupil circle is too sharply defined by the color contacts, making it look unnatural to me.
  4. ^ ITA. Try Radiance.

    I think if you try the more opaque ones they might just make your eyes look darker.
  5. I really want them to be more intense and much more noticed. Which they aren't if the sun isn't really shining directly at me.

    In the pic to the left is my eye color during the day. and right is the color i get at night. BTW they do look more intense in the pics then they do in real life. I think the reason they are darker is because I have a little of a brown color around the iris?!
    Anyway how can I make them much more intense?

  6. I think your eyes are beautiful as is!

    But anyway, Freshlooks makes tinted lenses for people with light eyes. It's sheer solid color on the lense without the "hole" in the middle, so they look totally natural. You don't get that funky ring around the pupil. They don't completely change the color, but they change the shade, if that makes sense. There's an acqua one that I think would look great on you!
  7. Thank you. I'll try them:smile:.