Which French Purse?


Which French Purse should I get?

  1. Monogram

  2. Damier (Ebene, not Azur)

  3. Epi

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  1. Just wondering...if I were to get a French Purse (in the near future), which of these should I get? The LV accessories that I currently have are the monogram/CB cles, monogram credit card holder, and monogram/CB porte monnaie plat.

    I love Vernis but I'm afraid of the colour transfer so that is not an option.

    Should I get another monogram piece, or get something different? If you can, give me reasons why please (Convince me!)

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. i would say epi.

    the colors ARE MUCH fresher. you already have a lot of monogram, i think epi is more discreet and looks nicer and more elegant
  3. karman I am kinda new to LV so I have gone with mono and the groom wallet for some colour...I want the basics in mono then from there depending on finances I would like to add a little but, just a little...mono is the classic and timeless canvas that makes me confident I cannot go wrong and will be in style forever...the others are nice has well...but do to finances I go with mono...check your budget if it permits get 2...
  4. vernis! lol if you get a darker vernis color maaybe you don't have to worry that much about the transfer? otherwise i would get epi =]
  5. I like the mono, personally think it goes with everything. Good luck with your choice:smile:
  6. monogram :biggrin:
  7. epi!
  8. I like it in epi. You can appreciate the shape of the French Purse better.
  9. i'll say damier
  10. I totally agree. The French Purse looks amazing in epi. I can't really put my finger on it :shrugs: but I think the french purse looks the best in epi. The mono/MC or damier if you were to get a koala...:yes:
  11. i like the Damier the most
  12. I like the look of epi but I have it in monogram b/c i'm really hard on my wallet and I don't rotate it so I had to pick something that wears well. If you really love a certain color in epi and don't abuse your wallet or rotate wallets then i think you can do the epi french purse just fine. My friend has two epi wallets, one black and one in vanilla like yours, but they aren't in the best condition anymore. The vanilla is newer but it's really worn around the edges and corners, like the epi texture is weaing flat. She does have a little kid who drags around her stuff, bites, etc to her stuff though so that may be the reason.

    Between monogram and damier, I would choose the monogram b/c i think it's such a classic and it goes with everything. Damier wallets are too masculine for my taste. Have you considered getting the french purse in indigo vernis? I thought it was so stunning in that color!! I'm actually on a hunt for one myself. I think vernis wallets might hold up better than than epi wallets if you didn't have to worry about color transfers (which you wouldn't have to with indigo).

    Ok, I don't really think I'm helping any :smile:

    EDIT: Ok, so i reread your post and you already have other monogram/CB wallets and accesories. Go for the EPI one then :yes: !!! You can always rotate wallets to keep it looking new longer.
  13. I voted for Damier.:smile:
  14. 1. damier .2 epi in red..
  15. damier, just because a wallet is normally stored in a bag..therefore a more durable canvas will protect your wallet from aging too fast..but JMO..

    btw karman, u're on a shopping roll!!!!!