Which framboise item should I get?

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Which framboise item to get?

  1. Agenda

  2. Zippy wallet

  3. Cles

  4. Bedford

  5. Lexington

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Really love the framboise vernis but can't decide which item to get. :P Opinions?
  2. cles and agenda
  3. the small ring agenda!:yes: It's really cute in such a bright color and you can use it as both an agenda and a wallet. I just got mine and LOVE it.:love:
  4. I want the cles and malibu st!

    Such pretty things.
  5. ^^
    heehee.. aren't accessories so hard to not buy?!? :P

    anyways.. back to the question - I voted for the agenda or the lexington!
  6. I think the agenda would get the most use.
  7. Totally irresistible! :P :shame:
  8. i love the Bedford :love:. i have two myself, and it's a really great bag, even though it's a little stiff to get into initially.
  9. agenda or cles!!!
  10. Agenda > cles > malibu street ! :yes:
  11. Hee hee I looooove my vernis frambroise agenda so I vote for it!!
  12. Im all for the agenda in framboise vernis. Its so functional, I use mine every day!
  13. I have both agenda and wallet.. LOVE the color.. when i was in london last
    May, the SA told me it was a limited color since they introduce a color every year..
  14. i think you should get a bedford cause they are gorgeous!!
    and framboise is a colour that doesnt get dirty!
    sometimes i see ppl on the street with a beige or a perle one and it's so dirty looking =(
    so framboise would be a perfect bedford colour!
  15. cles! i love mine!