Which flats would you choose?

  1. Hi! I am buying my first pair of Chanel flats and I am not familiar with how well the shoes wear. I am planning to buy a pair of quilted flats and I can't decide between the "distressed" leather with the calfskin toe cap or the lambskin with the patent toe cap. I try to be careful, but I am somewhat clumsy and tend to bang my feet on things when I am out an about, so I am looking for the most durable option. I thought the distressed leather might camouflage scuffs but I'm worried that I will destroy the toe cap. Whereas the patent toe cap seems like it would be less likely to scuff, but then I'd be likely putting dings in the lambskin! Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated! My SA provided the pictures below for reference.
    51673829872__348EC49F-7B55-4AB2-8E5F-EF4AF74FE66A.JPG IMG_9197.JPG
  2. Top pair
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  3. Go with the first pair as the patent toe scuffs very easily! I have about 10 pairs of Chanel ballet flats and the ones that show the most wear are the ones with the patent toes! I recommend that you try them both on as the quilted ballet flats fit differently than the lambskin ballet flats! Good Luck with your decision!
  4. First pair!
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  5. first pair!
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  6. Well I think it's unanimous! It will probably be the first pair!! Thank you all for your input!!
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  7. Definitely the first pair! Black calfskin cap toes are easiest to repair after you've had the shoes for a while, too.
  8. Thank you so much for your reply. This is very helpful information. I didn't realize the patent would show more wear than the lambskin! I will definitely keep this in mind! :smile:
  9. Oh really?! That's great to know. Do you just take them to a cobbler? Thanks for your reply!
  10. Yes! I've brought two pairs of my flats into my cobbler recently. I picked them up just the other day and they looked good as new. You will inevitably stub your toe at some point or trip and scratch the leather at the very tip of the toe, and black calfskin is the easiest to fix for sure.
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  11. I bought my first pair of flats recently - lambskin with patent toe. When I got them back from the shoe repair shop for half soles (recommended as it makes them less slippery and last longer too) there were small scuffs on the patent toe cap. The lambskin is very durable, surpringly more durable than patent.
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  12. Thank you for letting me know! This helps with my decision. As pretty as the patent is, I think I'll feel better with the first option!
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  13. I'm no expert but the top pair looks as if they will wear better. Both beautiful.
  14. I love the top pair! I know everyone else said that too, but I think if you go top pair you'll be happier with how it shows wear over time!
  15. +1 on this comment.
    I've owned both types of shoes and the patent toe definitely scratches which can be extremely frustrating.
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