Which Flat in Red should I get?

  1. I know this will be a little difficult since I dont have a picture of the Chanel in red, but I know you gals can use your imaginations!

    The red of the gucci, is nearly the same as the Chanel. So its just about the style. I have the cream in Navy already, so I cant decide shoudl I vary my collection? The gucci's were $425 plus 30% off, the CHanel's are $550 and not on sale....


  2. Gucci. I dont really like the little heel thingy on the chanel ones. Let us know what you decide. Good luck.
  3. Get the Gucci ones!
  4. The Gucci ones =]
  5. Gucci!!!!! =) The Shape Looks Better & More Comfortable!
  6. The shoe is much more comfy than the Chanel, its a really soft leathre. Just not sure if I like the wood beads on the bows? I know its a signature Gucci look, but I tend to have Guccis that arent obvious gucci.

    Haha..but yet I have blatent labeling with my chanel flats. go figure.

  7. Get the Guccis! The bamboo ornament is really cute and it's on sale. I'm not a huge fan of the slight heel on the Chanels. But in the end it's your choice, let us know which one you choose!
  8. I like the Chanel.
  9. Gucci...It has a better finished look.
  10. I like the Chanel better. Not crazy about the things on the bow on the Gucci ones.
  11. gucci. the chanels look like old lady shoes and i don't like the shape of the tip.
  12. I love these polls:smile: I like the Gucci ones. HTH.
  13. Gucci, I like the shape of it better.
  14. The gucci's are MUCH cuter!
  15. i like the gucci ones way better.