Which Flap Is This

  1. Flap that resembled the 2.55 (black matte) with a mirror that attached by chain and a strand of pearls that could be hung from the handbag chain. Has anyone else seen this bag?
  2. I think someone posted one in the reference section in the thread about flaps. Monte Carlo limited edition.
  3. Thank you very much! I :heart: this forum!
  4. its the Pearl Reissue:yes:
    Purrrfect has it:heart:

  5. that's a lovely bag!
  6. Are there any pics of her holding the bag?
  7. Yes, the bag is beautiful. The pearls and mirror are extra's that I really do not need, so I am deciding whether to buy or wait-- hoping the bag alone will re-issue for fall of '08. Chanel is saying that all 2.55 re-issues (black with ghw) for S/S will have a sheen to them. No matte's.