Which flap do you like better?

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  1. I was thinking of getting either one of these, but can't decide which one I like better! The first one is the bubble quilt flap in jersey that my SA has on hold for me and the second is the MC flap (courtesy of xostephxo's post!).

    They're both pretty much the same price ($1700 approx.) but as cute as i think the jersey flap is, I'm just not sure its worth the price....after all, it isn't leather! But it is just "adorable"! What do you guys think? Which would you pick?? Thanks for your opinions in advance!
    trunk 3.jpg IMG_1515 copy.jpg
  2. i vote for MC flap!
  3. definitely MC flap!:tup:
  4. Why don't u guys like the bubble jersey flap? :sad: It's not worth it; is it? I think deep down inside i kind of know that, but....

    hey ldldb, you have an mc flap too right? how big is it compared to the classic flap sizes? or would you say its more like the size of an e/w?
  5. I'm also for MC flap, give me leather over jersey anyday!
  6. i have the older mc flap, more distressed looking. this new version is much more chic (shall we say the sophisticated big sis to my "rebel" version). it is a tad roomier than the classic bc there's no extra flap. prob holds as much or lil bit more than e/w. i haven't compared my version next to this newer version but for some reason i think it is a bit bigger than mine.
  7. ya know i saw the jersey in person and it is pretty...my concern would be whether it will last over time. it might snag or pile like a sweater and that would kill me...
  8. my vote is also for the mc. (i have the bubble bowler, but i still prefer the mc over the bb in this size.)
  9. MC flap
  10. definitly MC
  11. I think the Bubble is adorable.
    I'll be the odd duck that votes for that one :tup:
  12. i like the MC too.
  13. I like the Jersey, we don't see a lot of this going around...if $ is not an issue, why not..
  14. Love the MC flap!! Very chic indeed.
  15. I prefer the MC flap! :tup: