Which fitness equipment can make my bum smaller? HELP!!

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  1. I'm actually quite satisfied with my body figure except my bum.
    Cos I have got a "wide" bum......sigh....

    I am think of buying a fitness equipment at home to make my bum smaller.

    any suggestion??

    Pictures Please!!!!!!!

  2. Is there somewhere you can go hiking nearby?
    ..2 yrs ago I carried my then 1 yr old daughter on a baby backpack and went hiking for about an hour everyday for 1 month (0.8 miles)
    Within a month I lost 2 inches of my hips..but then I am an apple shape..so I lose weight pretty quickly around my hip..now my middle..ahh..that remains a problem...:cursing:
  3. Squats squats squats! and dead lifts! :smile:
  4. are you supposed to keep back straight while doing squats?
    I always feel a strain on my back while I do squats..
  5. This usually means you're leaning too far forward and your back is starting to support some of the weight. That's not good and a very easy way to hurt yourself. The weight should be positioned directly above your feet so that when you stand erect, your legs are the only thing lifting the weight.

    To the original poster... this topic has been discussed a few times before. Try a search for some more info. As far as equipment? Some running shoes to go running and a couple of dumbbells to do squats/lunges with is all you should need.
  6. What about the glute machine in the weight room?
  8. What about doing a lot of plies?
  9. I saw part of a TV program the other night where they were selling a exercise thing that was some type of ballet bar on a stand and you could do all sorts of exercises on it. It looked really nice, they were doing a lot of ballet moves, plies being the one they seemed to do the most. I don't know the name of it, but I was impressed and thing like this don't catch my eye that often. Maybe someone here had heard of this or you can do a web search.