Which first Gucci?

  1. Hi everyone ~ my first post.....Just deciding on my FIRST GUCCI!!:nuts:

    I love the beige and white trim (thanks msmel!). I originally said I want something 'classic' that I won't get sick of, but here are the one's I love so far:

    1. New britt med. Hobo - white
    2. New britt med. Boston - white
    3. New britt Tote - white or brown

    Jeez...I guess I like the New Britts!

    *Any other suggestions/advide on which FIRST Gucci to get are welcome!!:love:

    Thanks! Love this forum! Everyone has such great bags!!!
  2. Forgot these on the list:

    4. Eclipse Tote (if I can find any!)
    5. Eclipse Medium Shoulder bag - white
  3. hey! i'm all for choice#1! afterall, you tried so hard to get it!
  4. HAHA, Yeah!! For sure!! I think you are soo right! Thanks for all your help:cutesy: U have good taste!
  5. #1 OR 5, In off white leather trim of course!:yes:
  6. Moi and Mssmelanie - u have GREAT taste :yes: Thanks!!
  7. Britt hobo!
  8. Update***I picked up my new britt HOBO today!!! WOO HOO! The SA called me in the morning saying someone wanted to buy my britt hobo on hold :cursing: I said "NO. I'm taking it". I was going to pick it up tomorrow, but I thought someone was going to try to smooth talk the SA into giving it up! So I went there asap and picked her up!!

    It comes with the brown dust bag....and no box?? do u have to ask?

    I was thinking of picking up the pink trim belt bag, but I'm not sure if I'd get sick of the colour....plus it was already gone anyway.

    Thanks girls! :yahoo:
  9. Go for the britt hobo w/white trim. I love the beige gg w/white trim. So summer and fresh!
  10. Yes!! I got the beige w/white trim! Thanks for your input! ;)
  11. congrats diorgrl, that's a great choice.
  12. Thank you! :yes: I'm loving it....but now the addiction has started...I want another one! Oh no what have I started! :nuts:
  13. congrats!! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks RoseMary!! :girlsigh: