Which first? Chanel Caviar Double Flap Medium, GST or Louis Vuitton Mahina L?

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Which one first?

  1. Chanel Caviar Double Flap Medium with GWH

  2. Chanel GST with GHW

  3. Louis Vuitton Mahina L in Noir or Opal

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  1. Hi all! This is my first thread so please be kind to me!

    I'm 25 and would really love to spoil myself with a new luxury bag but I'm so undecided as to which one I want first! Knowing myself, eventually I may very well end up with all three but I'd really like to just get one first.

    My choices are, in no particular order:
    (1) Chanel Caviar Double Flap Medium with GHW
    (2) Chanel GST in black with GHW (I've already got a medium Cambon tote)
    (3) Louis Vuitton Mahina L in Noir or Opal

    I have done a search for similar threads but the latest threads are more than 6 months old!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. Classic flap for sure...especially with the insane price increases you should get it first!
  3. Classic flap.. Before the price increase.. :smile:
  4. yup me too. you already have a large tote so a nice small day / evening bag should be the next one in line.
  5. Definitely classic flap !
  6. Classic flap.
  7. Flap as you can use this for both day and night compared to the GST
  8. Definately classic flap, there is no competition there!
  9. I strongly agree with karman😄
  10. I agree with karman and everyone else who said the same thing. There’s only one right answer for this question: classic flap, get it while you can or forever regret it.
  11. That's right... Usually choices are more difficult to make but it is easy this time! Classic flap for sure!!
  12. Classic flap..
  13. Classic flap x a million
  14. classic flap - after you get your gst or lv, the classic flap will still be on your mind. :smile:
  15. classic flap for sure!