Which first bal bag and colour to get?


Jul 31, 2014
Wondering which bal bag to get?

I tend to wear messenger bags and was thinking about the hip or mini city

In terms of colour - which should I pick? I'm quite liking rose azalee (pink coral) or bleu persan (medium blue) I generally tend to pick black. Or do you think I should wait next season for new set of colours.

If I wanted to sell a bag after I bought and used it for a while is there a colour that sells better? I dont think I would do this but just in case



Aug 20, 2011
I don't very much like the colors of this season. In fact if I had to choose I think I would find no color to get unless it was free of charge. I would either wait, where you face the possibility of getting even worse colors next season as Bal is going from bad to worse within the last 2 years as I see it, or buy preloved in mint condition where you will find amazing colors and leather quality as we had years ago. Lately, neither the leather not the colors make me want to buy another Bal.