Which first?? Azur or Ebeny???

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Hello helpful fellow tPFers!

    I need your help prioritizing! I currently own only Mono & nothing in Damier (Roses NF, Artsy MM, Galliera, pochette & black MV pochetette).

    I eventually want to own BOTH the Ebene & Azur Neverfull MM. Deep inside I really like (and want) the Azur a bit more and would love to have a fun, fresh bag for spring/summer. I do like the Ebene- and I feel this is a true "need" in my collection due to the fact that it is sooooo durable. (It rained all day one day- & I was bummed that I couldn't carry an LV. We also went to the movies and I wanted to carry a "goodie" bag- I had to use my huge coach bag because I would never put one of my mono (or azur!) LV's on the ground.) I'm also THINKING about bringing this bag to work- which would be a MAJOR step for me in terms of coworkers comments (plus my work bag is out rain and shine, usually with my lunch in it and stuffed in a locker- needs to be durable). So the Ebene would get used alot.

    Which should I get first?? Azur... or Ebene NF MM??

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone!
  2. Ebene
  3. Yes, Ebene, next!
  4. I have no Damier, but if I did like it, I would get the Azur, so fresh and fun, Ebene is a bit too dark, especially if you live in Florida~:flowers:
  5. It sounds like you would get the most use from an Ebene NF right now. Why don't you go for the Ebene first and then maybe before summer's is over you will have enough saved for an azur nf! I think you'll get a lot more use, thus have more fun, if you get the Ebene first! Good luck with your decision!

  6. This is why a huge part of me is leaning twords Ebene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am in the same situation. I also like the Azur a little better and thought that it will be my first bag. However, I got my Mono Speedy and can't use it because of the weather we have right now. :s So, I've decided to get the Ebene first and then the Azur. At least I will be able to carry it everywhere and in any kind of weather.;)

  8. I might get "more" use out of the ebene!

    I do want to save for both... BUT we just bought our dream home which was bank owned. Bank owned = needs a ton of renovations! Lots of money going that way and I just don't see the DH going for too much more spending on bags until the house is finished (we move in March!).

    I'm making most of my "bag" money by selling things- other goes into savings for the new hose. Decisions decisions!!! :nuts:
  9. :true:

  10. AZUR!!! its about to be spring, get the azur now. you will hv plenty of time to get the ebene later
  11. AZUR!!! You can treat your monogram leather and the leather on Azur with Apple guard and take it out any time. I treated my Speedy 30's leather with Apple guard and the rain never bothers my leather at all, I also treated the handle with Lovin my bags for handles only. My speedy 30 is one year old right now and the leather is still light and water spot free. I just can not love the Ebene right now but I do like the Azur but there are some that hates the monogram so to each their own. Hope this helps!
  12. Go azur ...it sounds to me that it is your hearts desire ,and that is what you need to think of,what do you really want.Ebene is beautiful but dark and spring and summer are coming will you want light,fresh ,beautfiul?? If yes azur ...Great luck deciding,follow your heart :hugs:
  13. Good to know! :nuts: So, did you apply the Apple Guard first or the Lovin My Bags?
  14. ^^^
    I personally treated my bags with Wlison's. It dries very fast & doesn't change the color at all. I have never used apple guard tho....

    Thanks for all the opinions so far!! Keep em commin'. If only we all had a money tree :thinking:
  15. ebene neverfull MM