Which fall coat to keep?

  1. Hi gals,

    I purchased two completely different fall coats this year and have to return one :sad: b/c my dear husband might kill me since we are remodeling our kitchen ($$$$). I can't decide! Any help would be great - both are sort of roomy/swingy which I love, but totally different textures/colors. Thanks!


  2. i love the milly. the marc by marc jacobs is gorgeous, but i feel like the milly is classic and will never go out of style, where as the marc is questionable
  3. Definitely the Marc by Marc Jacobs. But I am personally not a fan of houndstooth jackets.
  4. ITA, the milly is so cute.
  5. I would keep the Milly. I don't like the look of the material on the MJ one.
  6. Another vote for Milly.
  7. Keep the milly!
  8. the MJ one is more classic and wearable years to come IMO
  9. Oh no, these opinions are really divided! I love the MJ, but it is more casual. The Milly screams HOUNDSTOOTH!!!!!
  10. I like the Milly coat more. Normally I love Marc by Marc Jacobs. However, I'm not a big fan of the fabric. It makes me think of a child's Christmas dress.
  11. i like the MJ better, it's more wearable
  12. I like the MJ style but not the material.
  13. I think they're very different styles. What are you going for?
  14. Thanks for the opinions everyone, it is a split decision! To be honest, not really going for any specific look, I just love both coats. The M by M Jacobs sort of brings me back to childhood for some reason, prob the thick corduroy wade material. It really is very cute though. And the Milly is so chic, but def VERY houndstoothy. It might be an overwhelming print, but I guess I need to try it on again. I'm very petite so want to be sure not to overdo.

    Keep em coming!

  15. I agree, they're really different styles and you should take into account what type of lifestyle you lead and which one you think you'll be able to use more. The milly is really loud with all of that houndsooth, but it's more classic in my opinion over the marc jacons, which is really chic and dressier.