Which Fall Beauty Did I Pick?? (Spoiler Alert: Lagon)

May 15, 2009
First of all, I was blown away by the fall collection! I haven't had much time to be on this forum the last few months with a new job and all, so I hadn't even seen any pics of the new bags. I went to Neiman's last week just to see what they had and well, I spent most of my week debating over which one I wanted! In contrast, I didn't like any of the colors from S/S... Anyway, I had my heart set on a Cassis mGSH Work but I'm still not convinced I should throw down the extra $$$ for mini Giant. Next one maybe... I do really like the Gris Tarmac mG Work too!

So it was between the Cassis GH City and the Lagon GH Velo in the end, and I went with Lagon because the color just knocked my socks off and I really liked the leather on this particular bag!

However--the color just will NOT photograph!! At least not on my phone. I'll try with my real camera later, maybe I'll have better luck. It really looks like a deep tropical lagoon or the most beautiful piece of turquoise you have ever seen.

--Also-- spy pics from NM!






May 15, 2009
Congrats on your bag. Lovely colour. I can tell on the pics the leather is fab too which I think is hard to find nowadays on 2012bags.

The leather quality has been a deciding factor in my last few bags and definitely the reason why I won't buy sight-unseen now (plus I'm impatient and don't like waiting for shipping!). I wanted a Cassis Work and the two Cassis bags I saw had good leather, but if I would have ordered one who knows. The last bag I ordered arrived the wrong style, the wrong color, and so-so leather...so from now on I'm going with my gut when I see one I love in the store!

Thanks everyone else! Hopefully I'll put up some more pics soon. I really want to show the true color as it is so saturated, beautiful and bold!


Jul 15, 2009
Cassis- it is super beautiful. If I can squeeze in another bag before the end of the year, it will definitely be in this color!

Thanks! I actually saw a Cassis at Nordstrom about a month ago and I don't remember it looking this saturated. Maybe I'll have to check Neimans! Also I wasn't excited about the one at Nordstrom because the leather felt super thin and dry. I'll have to keep hunting :smile: