Which Fall Bag should I get?

  1. Hi, I am relatively new to posting but I feel like I know many of you from reading your posts and looking at your collections :smile:. I would like to get a new fall bag but I am on the fence about which one to get. I wanted to ask your opinions. Which one would you get? The Britt is the black dialux fabric but it is hard to tell from the pics. Thanks!
    Blazon1.jpg Britt1.jpg Duchessa1.jpg Snow Glam Boston1.jpg
  2. my vote is for the first or second one. but more for the first one. i like the crest. and the hobo is reminiscent of the spring styles. post pics when you get it!!!
  3. What is the dialux fabric like?
  4. im loving the first and last one, but what does ur current collection look like? :smile:
  5. first one.
  6. the dialux fabric i saw in AC boutique , looks great at a distance but it is pvc not leather. plasticky thats why the price point is lower . my sa even said it looks cheap up close. I rather have the Chanel rock for a plastic bag. IMO
  7. I like the first and last one, they're on my list too (except the last one is red in my list). I have the second one in a beautiful brown in excellent condition but I couldn't sell it (in case you sell your bags often).
  8. I love #1. so nice.:tup:
  9. From Gucci, I have:
    Peggy bag with tassles in GG fabric with brown trim
    Princy large hobo in black guccissima leather
    Medium Britt boston bag in sand guccissima leather
    Britt hobo in GG fabric with brown trim
    Britt medium shoulder bag in brown leather
    Creole hobo in black guccissima leather
    Tote in ivory Guccissima leather (can't remember name of bag - maybe punch bag?)
    Hasler hobo in brown GG fabric (getting rid of this one on eBay i think)
  10. Thanks for the description. I hadn't seen the bag in person. If it looks cheap, I won't get it. I think I am going to go with number one. Does the crystal GG fabric have the same cheap look?
  11. They are all very nice... I'd go with number one first, then number three.
  12. I would go with the first one. Good luck deciding!
  13. I have seen the first bag in person, it looks "cheap" and not really that good looking IRL... Just my opinion........Don't hit me :sad: i like the rest tho:tup:
  14. 4th bag
  15. I like #2 and #4