Which fabric is BEST for sweaters in terms of comfort, appearance, and durability?

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  1. What is your favorite fabric for sweaters or cardigans? Is Rayon a cheap fabric? I bought a turtleneck sweater from Express that's 80% Rayon, 17% Nylon, and 3% Spandex. It feels sooooo comfortable on my skin, but I don't know if it will hold up washes.

    Which fabrics are low quality?

  2. My favorite sweater is 80% silk 20% cashmere - soft and stretchy.
  3. 100% cashmere no doubt!
  4. I can't stand rayon. It just bugs me. I like cashmere, too.
  5. Cashmere, without a doubt. Soft and warm, not bulky, it never looks cheap...
  6. i love the feel of cashmere but i hate keeping up with all the dry cleaning and it doesn't look or feel the same after washing it at home. i stick to simple cotton or a cashmere blend with silk like Prayes said.
  7. I like cotton haha

    But cashmere is also great if you can get a good quality sweater.
  8. I like cotton mixed with something stretchy. I would have said cashmere, but it's too labor intensive to wash.
  9. I say cashmere or merino wool. Cotton is ok, but never full on synthetics like rayon or acrylic. They never hold up with wear and washing and they just feel icky.
  10. I agree with cashmere, or a cashmere/wool blend. Soooooooo comfy and non-itchy. There are different grades of cashmere, which is indicative of the price tag. I've seen cashmere at Target and you get what you pay for.
  11. I also love cashmere and silk blends - it's a great combination of softness and durability.
  12. Cashmere, but what it looks like after a washing. I would say thin material cotton with stretch. I hate wool sweaters period!
  13. Cashmere. I have a giant grey grandpa style sweater that I bought last year and it still looks brand new.
  14. i like pima cotton. it is comfortable and super easy to take care of. my cashmere/wool sweaters are nice, but are too much work.
  15. I prefer wool or cashmere, or some blend with wool or cashmere. I used to have alot of rayon-type sweaters, and they were so synthetic feeling and not as warm as natural fibers. I've only got a few wool sweaters, so the upkeep isn't too much for me yet.