Which F/W 07 Colors Did You End Up Buying???


Which FW 07 color(s) did you buy/are buying?

  1. Tabac (siena)

  2. Bleu (ocean)

  3. Vert Fonce (dark olive)

  4. Paprika (rouille, rust)

  5. Rouge (tomato)

  6. Plomb (lead)

  7. Ivoire (ivory)

  8. Mogano (cinnamon)

  9. Mastic (oatmeal)

  10. Jaune (Marigold)

  11. Violet (Grape)

  12. Pine (green)

  13. Magenta (LE, redux)

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  1. Just wondering, which Fall/Winter 07 colors did you end up buying so far???

    • tabac (tobacco, siena)
    • bleu (ocean blue)
    • rouille (rust, paprika)
    • rouge (tomato)
    • plomb (lead, dark slate, steel)
    • ivoire (ivory, creme)
    • mogano (mahogany, cinnamon)
    • mastic (oatmeal)
    • jaune (marigold)
    • violet (grape)
    • pine (green)
    • magenta (redux, LE)
  2. tomato
    jaune is next....
  3. Sorry, I keep muffing up this poll. :shame:

    I meant to have a category for: PASSED on the FW 08 choices
  4. I have been bad and bought violet, jaune and pine/forest green. I am also dangerously tempted by plomb but have resisted it so far.
  5. Jaune day so far
  6. Violet make-up (don't have it yet but I will in the next 2 weeks!!!)
  7. Plomb city, sienna day and a lovely black makeup clutch... That´s it for me. I saw all the colors IRL last week at BAL Paris and I am really sorry, but I do not like jaune and violet at all... But it´s a good thing tastes are so different because otherwise we would all be haunting the same bag!!
  8. Mine isn't on the list- I bought a black city. I really haven't been that thrilled with the colors this season, with the exception of maybe violet or sienna (I'm still trying to decide if I want to get either of them).
  9. I bought a Cinnamon PT and I'm about to be getting in a Violet Makeup. I'm still deciding if I should something in VF, Ivory or Plomb though.
  10. I have Bought Violet City, Jaune Twiggy (returned and now is waiting for Step in Jaune) and LE Magenta (keep waiting)...
  11. I bought a RH Cinnamon Day, Violet Step and RH Juane Day.....and that is it for this season.:jammin:
  12. Violet...soon to buy a juane! Would like to add tomato and plomb...but probably won't happen!
  13. Sorry for the oversight!!

    I kept butter-fingering this one :sweatdrop:

  14. I've bought a Plomb Courier and a Plomb GH PT. I'm thinking about a tomato mu clutch if I can find one and maybe something else........don't know yet.
  15. I've bought (or should I say my BF bought?) a Violet SGH Work which is still yet to come into my little hands! and are waiting for the Plomb SGH PT... and possibly gona get Sienna City RH next month when the dough rolls back in...