Which F/W '07 bag or accessory (limited or otherwise) are you dying to get?

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  1. OOOOkay, I definitely check the summary of fall winter 07 everyday and I am loving most of the stuff I see.

    I am soooo loving the limelight clutch and mirage speedy.

    May I know what you guys/girls are dreaming of for this coming fall/winter collection?


    Let the waiting begin!!!!
  2. i am waitlisted for:

    light grey olympe nimbus (gm size)
    mono degrade speedy
    mono degrade sac a main
    limelight clutch

    now i just need to sell a few organs to fund the bags. hahaha.
  3. Light grey or dark grey Nimbus PM
  4. I'm not really feeling anything that's coming out this F/W yet. :hrmm:
  5. I'm waiting for the new epi bags and maybe the Vernis bowler in Amarante
  6. I like that shearling Storm bag.
  7. I'm waitlisted for the mono degrade speedy and I will definitely buy something in black denim.
  8. I am waitlisted for the Damier Sophie and the Damier Neverfull.
    That's it!
  9. mirage speedy and grey nimbus pm
  10. I'll probably get the black Cotteville and Damier key case tees. I like the big men's leather travel hobos but I have to get a Soana first :rolleyes:. I'm considering some of the runway wool/ cashmere scarves as well.

    oh, I'm getting an amarante cles too (not sure if that's really fall but the dates keep changing). I'm actually calling tomorrow to take myself off the waitlist for the amarante pegase though- I'm going with damier instead :yes:
  11. black denim.....
  12. same here. Well, maybe for that black denim.. but I would need to see the entire black denim line to make a decision.
  13. Can't waitlist yet cause my store doesn't have the new lookbook yet!!! ARGH!!!
  14. damier sophie!!

    also want to see the neverfull pm in person!
  15. i agree i think the damier neverfull and sophie will be beautiful