Which eyeglasses should I choose..?PICS

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  1. I know you can't pic based on face shape but just between style/colors I am desperate for opinions!
    the 1st pair are aviator rimless
    the 2nd are camellias in blue and the 3rd in brown
    the 4th pair are black rhinestone
    the blue pair are so dark they appear black but i like them all!!
    SO what do you think??

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  2. the 2nd surely. they are neutral. personally i dont like the idea of rhinestoned eyeglasses, find them tacky.
  3. I am about to take my hair from boring dull brown to a very reddish brown! So I am thinking the 3rd pair and my eyes are hazel... good combo? This is a tough decision, I am also open to suggestions of models I haven't seen.. TIA
  4. 2rd one!!!!
  5. 4th
  6. I love the 4th pair.
  7. I love the 3rd and 4th pair. The brown ones might really compliment your hair/eyes more. But, seriously, I think either the 3rd or 4th pair will look awesome on you for a long time.

    I'm one of those weird people that actually likes glasses. I have several pair myself.

    Let us know what you decide. :biggrin:
  8. Okay here is a thought, I am going to put transitions in them so I don't have to change all the time? Any thoughts on weather that makes a difference, I asked the seller and even though the 3rd pair appear black, they are really blue. Hmm decisions,decisions...I also think the brown pair may really do my greenish brown eyes justice, especially sine my hair will be reddish brown. I think the dark # 2 may be a tad to dark:thinking:
  9. Rimless haven't been current for a couple of years. I think the black ones have the most style. The best way to choose is to try them on and see which frames best complement your face shape and browline. Rx strength, width of your face, reading glasses only etc also considering factors. Wait until your hair is colored to try them on.
  10. 4th pair.. i like rhinestones.. haha and i think that shape of the glasses is the sexxy secretary look lol
  11. the 2nd ; )
  12. I like the 4th too.
  13. #1
  14. Well ladies I think I am going to go with the 3rd pair!! I am just waiting for authentication:yahoo: I figure besides me hazel/reddish combo I can also wear any color jewelry (though I prefer white gold, wedding ring etc) But I also have a 1cttw chocolate diamond watch that will go with this perfectly!:graucho: Thank you so much for all your responses!! Can anyone recommend a good place to have high quality lenses put in? TIA again!

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  15. I GOT THEM!!:cloud9: